May 15

Working all day long is stressful. You need to impress the people around you to get the break you are hoping throughout your employment career. You may end up being successful, but you may also end up being a failure. No one really knows how an employment career will end up, except the people who hired you.

Even in big companies, people who have worked so hard and so long may just get fired in a snip without the consideration of their service to the company. For people who only have one source of income may end up being broke or may end up working on a low wage job if they don’t have other skills to sell.

That’s very unfortunate to happen indeed. You have to face the fact that being an employee is never stable. While it is good to have a continuous monetary income from your job, it normally does not go higher than that. If you get $1000 per month, you will always have $1000 per month throughout your employment career – very predictable.

Unless you are willing to take extra effort.. I call it the practice of workable habits because anyone can replicate to themselves without mentorship but a full self learning experience.

Learn to Challenge Yourself:

The idea of challenging yourself is a good practice of personal development. If you always thrive hard to reach your limit to excel on something, you will definitely improve. It is just a matter of satisfaction versus contentment on your current knowledge and skill to your job.

For instance, you are already doing well at your job. You need to ask yourself whether you will stop there or proceed to the next level.

For example, If you are into writing, challenge yourself to write a book. If you are into programming, challenge yourself to create your own software or mobile applications. There are resources available online you can try to help you get started without spending anything but time.

No matter what your profession is, you always need to have a goal at the end of it. I am sure you probably don’t want to remain a programmer for the rest of your career life.

Learn to Explore:

Learning new things is always exciting. You will never feel bored and you will always get motivated to trying new things. More importantly, you can always expand your knowledge to contribute to the table whenever it need be. It’s just a matter of interest over willingness to learn about the topic.

On one hand, interest is driven by attention. You are interested to learn something without having someone asking you to do so.

But willingness on the other hand driven by decision. You are either willing to learn something because you are asked to do it.

Take online bloggers for example, not all of them have complete knowledge about blogging but driven by strong interest to learn it, most of them are even able to make a living out of it.

Develop Your Skill Set:

Developing your skill set is very crucial. This gives you a very strong support whenever something wrong happens in your career. This gives you an advancement to the next career you are targeting.

For example, if you are not an expert in web development industry but you work as a web developer. You can do self-study learning essential information to improve your programming language. When you look for another job, you will be able to add in your resume the new programming language you learned.

It does not matter whether you have the certificate or college diploma, as long as you can do the job excellently, you should be able to compete with other people throughout the application process. It does not make sense if you have the diploma but you don’t have the skill set to support your diploma.

There is one thing you need to keep in mind in developing your skill set. Take one step at a time. You can learn it all but you will have to take it slowly because you need to make sure you can execute your learnings without referencing to your resources. Don’t be a bookworm.

Take New Opportunities:

There is always an opportunity to learn, to improve and to excel your knowledge. But if you don’t feel like it’s not worth the wait or the effort, you have to move on and take a new path.

A good example on this is if there is no career growth in the field you are working on such as entry level work. This type of work does not get you anywhere. No matter how hard you try to impress your superior, the chances of leveraging to another position is definitely low.

If you are worried and not confident enough to compete in the outside world, you can look for other opportunities online. You can set up an online business, you can become a virtual assistant or you can become a writer for hire.

There are a lot of opportunities you can grab online if you plan to take your career journey to a different level. You just need to be patient because you won’t see good results overnight.