Jul 23

Digital video gaming remains one of the major trends in the modern society. How long is it about to last? With the popularity of such masterpieces like CS: GO, this trend stops being a surprise. Since 1999-2000, CS: GO has turned into one of the world’s most popular gaming titles.

The idea of playing as terrorists or counter-terrorists across different locations and landscapes has gained the army of fans who stick to this gaming routine for a while. The game has transformed into an international cult status by seeing the rise of expert CS: GO players.

CS: GO during the COVID-19 pandemic

Today, CS: GO has an average customer base, including over 1.3 million, which means that players around the world are still interested in playing the game. This is only one of many examples of how digital gaming has become a popular form of entertainment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tech giant Facebook also created and launched a gaming app that allows users to follow the world’s most popular gamers. The app allows players to stream their smartphone screen and communicate with gamers whenever they feel like it.

While video gaming has turned into a form of digital entertainment, live-streaming of video games is also of great value. Currently, it is a high time to be a streamer right now. PUBG Mobile can be viewed as the most popular game right now so that more and more streamers join this online community. PUBG is a digital multiplayer battle title that has affected the online gaming environment. Its mobile version, the so-called PUBG Mobile, has been downloaded around 600 million times worldwide.

CS: GO Gaming Approach

If you have some experience with CS: GO, you know that every session takes a few hours. To succeed in a game, you need to develop a strategy that will work for you best. Even the geographic locations that have never been successful in console gaming demonstrated the rapid inclination to the mobile app. According to a report introduced in 2020 by Ernst & Young, the well-known title of The Era Of Consumer A.R.T.—Acquisition Retention And Transactioninvolved more than 350 million online gamers in 2019. This statistical indicator is about to reach 440 million by 2022. What caused such as rapid development? The growing smartphone ecosystem was one of the major driving forces that affected the whole industry.

When it comes to PC gaming, Test match cricket involves a particular number of people who played it and watched it. Later, One Day cricket entered the digital gaming market—console gaming. A mobile version that is compatible with every type of a mobile device is available at the price of $200. While it is not an incremental cost like a console, it has a natural origin. The massification of gaming has been caused by the access to mobile devices at lower price rates.

The International Digital Gaming Society, not-for-profit comprising stakeholders from the digital gaming environment, states that an average player spends around 3-4 hours on their mobile phone on a daily basis. That number has increased significantly during the lockdown period. When you have a look at work conversations, video-calling and so on, the reliance on mobile options has increased. Meanwhile, people tend to spend 40 minutes on titles every day. That number also demonstrated the considerable growth by 20-30% or even more. After all, it is not only about gaming corporations generating free content to users or the World Health Organization establishing the Play Apart Together campaign to distribute gaming opportunities to the public market. Being a popular form of a social activity during the pandemic, the things have become viral. If some users can’t proceed with CS: GO activities, they can still watch other player.

Transformation of the World of Sports

The world of sport went through a certain modification that made athletes compete through video games. Whether it comes to football, basketball, hockey, or tennis, all of them have organized virtual tournaments to keep viewers involved. For instance, some of the world’s leading tennis players have met in a virtual Madrid Open. While most of these are charity tournaments for the pandemic, they still gathered the most devoted fans together.

So, what makes online gaming different from other forms of digital entertainment such as video on demand? Video gaming has become an interactive form of entertainment compared to passive media consumption where you have to push a TV button and settle down. In digital gaming, you keep the whole entertainment process under control. This kind of monitoring turned the whole gaming routine into an excellent adventure.

Do you remember the trend of demonetization in 2016? When demonetization occurred, everybody had to move to digital payments. In a short period of time, currency notes had to come back. Where did digital payments go? So, even when normalcy came back, there was a 100% raise (in the application of online payments). Eventually, this trend has become a normal thing. Believe it or not, but the same thing has happened to the gaming sector. This market still has to deal with a wide range of hurdles, including affordability, flexibility, availability of gaming titles, and a robust digital infrastructure.

Players, who enjoy spending hours in front of a computer screen daily, give certain recommendations to beginners. Thus, if you are about to start your adventure with CS: GO, you should neglect physical fitness. Ideally, you take some rest from the game from time to time. This can be a small rest for your eyes, stretching, and moving around. This will make your prepared for a new gaming session.

As you can see, video takes you to a different world. In other words, it is like a small world where you can do whatever you want, from driving a luxury car or killing zombies in a dessert. You can be whatever you want and act however you like. When you have to stay at home for a while, XRay CS GO offering doesn’t sound that bad, don’t you think so?